Apithor Harbourage Small Hive Beetle trap


APITHOR is the simple and successful way to save your hives from the damaging effects of the hive beetle. This single use, disposable device controls the beetles, without harming you, your bees or your honey.


  • Rigid plastic design that fits on the hive bottom board to ensure beetles enter the harbourage.
  • Tamper-resistant for added safety.
  • Precise size opening that allows beetles to enter while excluding bees.
  • Insecticide impregnated cardboard in harbourage is set back from the openings to ensure bees cannot make any contact at all.
  • Compatible with silicone adhesives.
  • Dispose of used Harbourages by wrapping in paper, placing in a plastic bag and place in a garbage bin.
  • No user access to the insecticide treated insert for added safety.
  • Can be used for three months in the hive.
  • Highly effective in independent trials conducted by Industry & Investment NSW | Primary Industries
  • No residues in honey as confirmed in trials performed in accord with the APVMA Guideline # 28 – Residues in honey.